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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 27, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm EDT

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he told these voters, let me be clear and tell you where i am. this is my stance for me, not the media, not the pundits. so rick perry clearly trying to shore up his base in these two key states. kyra? >> mark, thanks. expect an update in the next hour. martin savidge is here for suzanne malveaux. >> good morning. >> take it away. i will. thanks. martin savidge in for suzanne malveaux. let's get you up to date for tuesday, september 28th. a sensational celebrity trial. dr. conrad murray is charged in the death of pop icon michael jackson. jackson died of an overdose of anesthesia in 2009. attorney tom mesmero
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successfully represented jackson. >> this drug is not like a prescription medication. it's not like a pill to help you go to sleep. it's not like an antidepressant pill. this is different from prescribed medications and this is something that is powerful, dangerous, and should never be in a home. >> we plan to bring you portions of opening statements that will be live when things get going. well, another high-profile trial is winding down. attorneys for amanda knox will make their final arguments. they are hoping to overturn her murder conviction. knox is expected to speak as well. prosecutors claim that knox slit her roommate's throat during wild sex. libyan fighters say that they have seized the port of sirte today.
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moammar gadhafi controls most of the city. this is one of the areas not under the control of libya's new leadership. washington dodges a government shutdown. lawmakers have a deal in hand to pay the federal government's bills through mid-november. a final vote expected next week when the house returns from break. the spending bill is upheld because they could not agree on funding for fema. president obama is pitching his new jobs bill in denver at a hollywood fund-raiser last night he refinded republicans that they were in charge in the run-up to the economy's big meltdown. >> we knew that because this has taken years to build up it was going to take some years to fix. so the question that we have to face now is not whether people
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are hurting. everybody knows that america has gone through a very difficult time and there are folks all across america still struggling. >> the house of blues fundraiser was one of seven that the president attended on this trip. >> joran van der sloot in a taped confession describes how he elbowed stephany flores in the head and strangled her with both hands in a hotel room. >> so it is true, and i am going to ask you this, and you can say yes or no, did you kill stephany tatiana flores? >> yes. >> you killed stephany tatiana flores, right? >> his lawyer claims that he killed her after she discovered information from natalee holloway in aruba.
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workers are dangling off the side of the washington monument, inspecting each block of marble. damage from last month's earthquake is worse than last thought. the monument is shut indefinitely. you can see where it shakes violently. despite the damage, the washington monument is structurally sound. for the first time, the image of a living person on the stamp will be made. the trial is going to start soon in the trial against dr. conrad murray. he was jackson's personal doctor and was with him when he died. ted is outside of the courtroom
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in los angeles. what do we expect in these opening statements? >> reporter: well, martin, each side will have as long as they want in the opening and the prosecution is going to try to establish early their feel here, and that is that dr. conrad murray was just agrees jously off in his care of michael jackson and he should be held accountable for his death because he was giving him this propofol, this anesthetic used in a hospital setting. he was giving it as a sleep aid. the defense will try to portray their client as someone trying to help jackson to get over an addiction and they will tell the jury that over the next weeks you will see that our client was actually trying to help him, not abandon him. but help him get through this. whether or not this jury will hook on to one of these sides early on, you never know. but it's very crucial. the opening statements in a trial obviously and we'll hear
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those about 8:45 local. barring a delay. a case like this delays are always possible. 8:45 local, the scheduled start time for the opening. the jackson family has not come in. we saw the defense come in 30 minutes ago. >> ted, what is the atmosphere out there? how are the crowds? >> reporter: well, we take a look around here. you've got michael jackson supporters who have been here in force for a lot of the hearings here and, of course, they were constant during the 2004 molestation trial in santa maria. there are also conrad murray supporters as well holding signs but the overwhelming majority, the media from around the world, cameras across the street. they are here, inside the courtroom. it's a madhouse with michael jackson at the center of it. >> do we know who will take the
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stand first. >> reporter: the first witness for the prosecution is teddy ortega. he was the producer in the "this is it" production. the prosecutors will use him to establish that jackson was in good health and it was the under lying circumstances that ultimately killed him. they will also show a clip from "this is it." the defense will try to chip away at ortega and use ammunition that didn't come out in the alternative that jackson was in horrible health and that played a part in his death. >> ted rowlands, i'm going out on a limb, but i think we will see a lot of you. thank you very much. >> we'll be monitoring the opening statements. if you want complete, live coverage, hln is there for you.
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here's your chance to talk back on one of the big stories of the day. today's question is, does it matter to voters if donald trump or warren buffett endorses a candidate? carol costello has more from new york. carol? >> hi, martin. the donald is back. trump said they hit it off better than anticipated and don't forget the still to be determined it candidate, sarah palin who broke pizza dough with the candidate. take a look at their new ad which portrays romney and trump as two out of touch money man who favor the wealthy. pay special note to the private claim. >> mitt romney and donald trump are meeting today. well, they do have a lot in common. they have both done well for themselves. both support an economic plan that would help out the richest
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and big corporations but not the middle class. that would slash social security and medicare as we know it. cut funds for health care, research and development in schools. >> ouch. but not for the reasons thaw think. after calling the ad amateur night, trump told the wolf blitzer -- >> we're not keeping america competitive. we're not competitive at all. the world is laughing at us, wolf, and we are certainly not -- i was very insulted it at the airplane that they use. that was a great insult. >> look, president obama has his favorite rich guy, warren buffett. republicans have donald trump. so the question today, does it matter to voters if donald trump or warren buffett endorses a candidate?
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i'll read your answers later this hour. >> all right, carol. thank you. a rundown of stories ahead. first, a battle is raging right now for moammar gadhafi's hometown. we'll take you live to tripoli. and then a new session begins in the u.s. supreme court. what cases they have on the docket. that's always big. plus, she was inside the washington monument when it hit. park ranger nicollette relives that experience and also talks about the damage. and two and a half years ago people did not hear about propofol. dr. sanjay gupta with the very powerful drug. >> he's gone from being completely awake to being completely asleep. [ woman ] my grocery bill isn't wasteful spending.
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a victory for libya's leadership. they have once again taken control of the port of cert while fighting rages in the city. sirte is strategically important and deeply symbolic. phil black joins us live from libya. how secure is their hold now on the port? >> reporter: well, martin, they say that they control it and we'll get a better sense of that come the end of the day. as you say, the ground here around that city has changed hands quite a few times. quite often the revolutionary fighters have not been able to hold it and will hold back again. in the east, what this now means is that the fighters are at the outskirts of the city which is progress because up until a few days ago, they were a long way from the city itself.
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but to put that in some context, fighters to the west of the city have been at the out skirts for more than a week and have been regulating and advancing into sirte, fighting bloody street battles and pulling back again. what those fighters on the west are now telling us, they no longer want to advance into the environment because they are taking such heavy casualties. what they would like to do is sit there and maintain a line outside of the city and implement a siege and try to wait out the pro gadhafi forces inside. it gives us a sense of what just a difficult fighting environment it is in there and how committed those pro gadhafi fighters are. what it all means is that this city is not about to fall imminently. martin? >> if they get under siege and of course tripoli has already fallen, what is left for the new leadership to concur in this war? >> reporter: wert, sirte is the most strategically important
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one. it's the remaining pro gadhafi hold-outs. it divides the east and the west. it means that the heavily divided area in the mediterranean is not and southeast of tripoli itself, it's a gateway to the south and country. but what they are really waiting for is to be able to take control of the city so they can say, all of libya has been liberated from gadhafi's control. it's only once that happens that the political leadership of the transitional council say that they will announce their own interim government to begin rebuilding this country. martin? >> i want to ask you one other subject. the new government says that they will not return the lockerbie bomber to prison. we know this seems to be the final response from the
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government. what is justifying their decision in this matter? >> reporter: this has been perhaps the most definitive answer to this question. no way will they return. the lockerbie bomber, as we know, was convicted and sentenced to jail and released from scottish authorities because he was suffering prostate cancer. we know that he's here in libya and we know that he's not well but they will not send him back to a western country to prosecute him and return to prison because he's already been prosecuted and serve time and they believe that one person cannot be prosecuted more than once for the same crime. they say that the case is closed and will help investigators who are looking to see if perhaps other people are involved and other people are deserving of charges and prosecution. martin? >> phil black, thank you very much for that update. justices on the u.s. supreme court wade through thousands of cases to decide who to take in for their new term. jeffrey toobin will profile some of the big cases, including health care reform. [ male announcer ] go beyond the brush
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the term for the u.s. supreme court begins on monday bu but justices met today to go through thousands of cases and decide which to review. jeffrey toobin is going to tell us which cases they are most likely to take up and one of the big ones is most likely health care reform. >> this is the super ball for the supreme court. the biggest case since bush v. gore in 2000. opponents of president obama's health care law say that it's unconstitutional to require individuals to buy health insurance. they say that's a violation of
11:20 am
the constitution. that case has said the united states department of justice, the obama administration said they are not going to ask the full 11th sir kit and they are going to go straight to the supreme court on this appeal. it virtually guarantees that there will be a decision on the constitutionality on health care reform by next june. it will be a huge, huge case and, really, the single accomplishment of the obama administration is going to be get a thumb's up or thumb's down from the supreme court. >> no question. huge. but there are other cases and a number of them are dealing with, again, church and state. they could end up before the court and including one out of utah. what is that one about? >> you know what? these issues come up every year. the justices usually divide 5-4
11:21 am
on these cases. this is a case about utah state patrolman to state police officers who were killed in the line of duty. the police officers organization put up 16 crosses as a memorial on public land and plaintiffs in that community have said, no, that is a violation of separation between church and state and it is a religious memorial on public land and the court may have to decide that one. >> all right. and then we have another case that involves the state of ohio against the aclu. >> this is the one where a judge has -- is going to put the ten commandments up in his courtroom. and this is very similar to a case out of kentucky from a few years ago. this one, i think, unless the court has really changed its minds on these issues, which is possible because the court has gotten more conservative, in an almost identical case from, i believe, 2003, the court said a
11:22 am
judge cannot put the ten commandments up in a courtroom that is too close of a connection between church and state. but it will be an interesting test to see if the court has relaxed those rules because it's virtually the same case. >> can i ask you real quick, how does the court decide what to take and what not to take? how do they make that decision? >> well, this is one of the great mysteries of the supreme court. they get about 8,000 cases a year and only take about 80 cases a year. basically, the first thing they look at is, have the lower courts split? have there been inconsistent rulings in the lower court on the same issue that, you know, we have a supreme court to resolve those sorts of disputes? the other category is more nebulous. the supreme court says, we have to resolve this issue. it's sufficiently important that we have to resolve it and health care qualifies under both of those. there have been split decisions and it's very important and we
11:23 am
will almost certainly see those cases this year. >> jeffrey toobin, thank you very much. story affiliates are watching. cookies. all right. we'll talk that right now. there is katherine jackson, michael jackson's mother arriving. and father joe there and the rest of the family, jermaine as well. as we watch them go by, there's la toya. there's tito right now. and accepting some acknowledgement from those that have gathered outside of the courthouse. this is the first day of the trial. dr. conrad murray. so we'll show you more of this as we develop. in the meantime, let's get back to where we are. america's middle class has been hard hit during this recession.
11:24 am
while households across the country have watched their incomes fall, there have been a few exceptions. alison kosik has more on the middle class. >> reporter: exactly. the common thread for the lucky ones is that they live in places where there is a big industry, a big demand for a product or a service. the best way to explain this, it rose pretty well in d.c. and maryland because of government spending. and d.c. we saw the biggest increase in pay between 2007 and 2010. incomes were up 21%. in north dakota, natural gas and oil agriculture is where you saw the incomes rise there. here in new york and new jersey, wall street street was the reason why you saw incomes go up
11:25 am
in these areas. overall, when you look across the country, we saw incomes rise in 21 states. that's almost half the country. that's good news. keep in mind, though, the rise in incomes is only about 5%. the way that this economy is moving ahead very slowly, anything going higher as far as incomes go is a good sign. right, martin? >> no doubt about that. how are the markets doing today? >> markets are looking good. 2-2. nasdaq up more than 4% as well. financials are leading the way. there was a lot of worry about financials being exposed to the european debt crisis. and greece avoided a default and will go through the optimism being played out in the numbers. martin? >> great to see. let's hope that the optimism continues.
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michael jackson's doctor could get up to four years in prison. that's if the jury convicts him in the pop star's death and the trial begins this hour in los angeles and we're going to take you there live. a few moments ago, janet jackson arrived and we just saw the jackson family arrive as well, including michael jackson's mom, katherine, and other members of the family. joining us to talk about this case is cnn's senior analyst, jeffrey toobin. let's start with the charge against the doctor, dr. murray. manslaughter. why is it manslaughter because we know the family wanted to see a murder charge. >> well, the difference between manslaughter and murder is intent. i think it would have been impossible to make a case against conrad murray. why would he have wanted to kill
11:30 am
michael jackson? that doesn't make any sense. manslaughter, as the charge says, is involuntary. through recklessness, incompetence, through just being a very, very bad doctor, conrad murray killed michael jackson. but because the intent penalty is so much less, the sentence is much less. it's a big difference between the two charges. >> the opening statements, of course, are about to begin shortly and that's a chance for both sides to lay out their version of the case. what do you expect to hear from the defense in these arguments? >> well, i think basically the difference between the prosecution and the defense in so many cases applies here. conrad murray gave him this drug, which is entirely inappropriate. the drug killed him, thus he's guilty of manslaughter. very simple. what the defense is going to do is say, no, no, no, this is a
11:31 am
complicated case because michael jackson had a long history of drug use, demanded thighs drugs and asked for other drugs, had other drugs in his system, other people were supplying him drugs. basically this death, tragic as it was, was a culmination of a lot of different factors and conrad murray is being treated as the fall guy. that's the defense argument. >> and the defense was prevented from showing the jury a video that shows jackson being in poor health. so how do you think that is going to affect their case? >> well, that's going to play out over a long -- over this full trial. that is not the last word on that issue just because they were not allowed to use that video in opening statements. remember, the first prosecution witness is going to be the choreographer who was working with michael jackson at the time of his death. he's going to say, look, michael jackson seemed fine to me. he was working hard and in good shape. the defense will certainly be allowed to prove the alternative or attempt to prove the
11:32 am
alternative that, in fact, had he a big drug problem, in ill health. that's going to play out over the course of the trial. >> does the defense ha v have t worry about dragging michael jackson through the mud? >> absolutely. that's going to be a very difficult line to watch. walk. certainly i would expect that the defendants will portray their argument as more in sorrow than in anger but we're all sorry that michael jackson is dead but don't make conrad murray an escape goat for a death that had multiple causes. but you're absolutely right. jury selection, a big part of the process for both sides was gauging attitudes for michael jackson. they both did their best but everybody in the jury pool heard of michael jackson. everybody knew that he had died and knew something about his death. so, you know, how the jury views
11:33 am
michael jackson is something that we will probably only know afterwards when the jurors start talking about their attitudes. >> definitely going to be an interesting case. jeffrey toobin, thanks. prosecutors say that dr. murray used a makeshift i.v. drip to administer the drug propofol so jackson could fall asleep. after his death, dr. sanjay gupta went into the operating room to show us how powerful this drug really is. >> so we are here with the chief of an these yol gee. propofol is a drug that he uses all the time. so is this it over here? >> yes. >> it looks like milk of magnesia. >> milk of magnesia. are you okay? we have to monitor his input of co 2 and we have to see saturation and make sure he's ventilated. >> so that's all typical stuff? >> that's standard of care, yes.
11:34 am
>> okay. and propofol -- >> you're going to get sleepy, okay? give me some good, deep breaths. >> take a look at his eyes z deep breath. you're looking great. >> ten, nine, seven, eight, six, five, four, three, two, one. >> his heart rate is increasing. >> his eyes are closed. >> his eyes are closed and what else -- >> he stopped breathing. so this is watching his co 2 and not breathing more. >> so take a look over here. all of the breathing is taking place with this bag and this mask. from that medication, he wouldn't be able to breathe on his own without those things.
11:35 am
>> that's part of the problem. with that much propofol right there, he stopped breathing and he's going to need a breathing tube. >> easy? >> easy. >> it's a quick on, quick off. if it gets out of hand, it goes away quickly. there's no one there to resuscitate you and nobody could bring you back. >> that was pretty quick. you just gave some of the medication. >> five, ten minutes. >> he's going to be completely awake. >> one thing worth pointing out is that this is a hospital that uses this medication thousands and thousands of times a year but they use it in nonhospital settings in outpatient clinics. they told us that they've never heard of it used in a home.
11:36 am
>> that is fascinating. we are just minutes away from today's court statements in the trial of dr. conrad murray. and then a monumental damage check at the nation's capital. engineers are repelling down the washington monument. we'll talk to a courageous park ranger who was inside when that tremor hits.
11:37 am
11:38 am
11:39 am
here in d.c., we want to give you a heads up, literally. take a look at the washington monument. that is a person hanging outside. you remember the earthquake that damaged portions of that monument? today the exterior is being repaired. the landmark is being assessed. this is last month's pretty violent and pretty scary earthquake. the moment it hit the monument. and you can see park ranger
11:40 am
nicollette williams getting people out of harm's way. she's here to talk to us about that. how are you feeling and are you over the tremors? i have been through a few and they are really scary stuff. >> they are really scary. i thought i was over them but i watched the video yesterday and i got a little shaky after watching it. i'm not totally ready to getting back up. >> did you know what it was when it was happening? >> no, i did not. it was so violent that at first i did assume that we were under attack. that was my first assumption. >> so you thought that this could have been some sort of terrorist attack as opposed to a natural event, which was an earthquake? >> absolutely. our training has been for attacks. we don't get trained in d.c. for earthquakes. so that was my first assumption. but it didn't matter, whatever it was, my next reaction was
11:41 am
that we had to get everybody down to the bottom as fast as possible. >> and what was happening inside? describe some of it for us? >> well, you see on the video that i actually look directly up at the camera when it starts to shake and what i'm looking at is the metal apparatus from the elevator and i start to get hit from some debris and i wanted to just run. i wanted to get out of there and just run as fast as i can but he i realize that i have 20 visitors relying on me to get them down safely. so i begin shouting at them to gun g down the stairs and that's when we all descend down to the emergency level. >> earlier today bill spoke with cbs. >> she had the composure to get down to the 90-foot level and she showed a lot of courage, in
11:42 am
fact, by coming up to the 500-foot level to collect the last remaining visitors and to ensure their safety and put their safety ahead of her own in order to get people out safely. >> nikolette, of course, he is talking about you and the tremendous amount of courage that it took not to take people down the first time but to go back up. how do you feel about such praise? >> it still makes me a little uncomfortable. my main concern was getting people out safe. that was important to me. i'm glad that they were safe. the terms that have been thrown around are making me a little uncomfortable. >> well, you deserve all praise. nikolette, thank you. we wish good things for the monument so we can get it back to normal. thank you. >> absolutely. thank you. some respects think that he should run for the presidential
11:43 am
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1:1:45 on the east coast. that means it's 8:45 on the west coast and we're expecting the opening of the trial of dr. conrad murray, michael jackson's doctor. we will hear what the lawyers are saying in the opening statements and will bring those statements to you live. no more mr. nice guy. one of the jay leno skits has him blowing up bridges. >> president obama has been
11:46 am
criticized trying to get along with everybody and now he's done with that. that's right. he's starting to kick. [ bleep ] now. >> today he chose to highlight a bridge between two important states and found himself in some troubled waters literally. >> the bridge that happens to connect the state that is home to the speaker of the house with the home state of the republican leader in the senate. well, he's not in the race but he's in the spotlight. once again, part of the political team in television, live at the political desk in washington. what is on the table for chris christie today?
11:47 am
>> a big speech for chris christie today in california. a lot of people have been asking if he's going to run for president. republicans have been asking for a long time whether he's going to jump into the gop nomination. in the last few days some people will say that rick perry, the texas governor, has not had a great performance in the last week or two. i spoke to some christie advisers and they had they said no. don't expect that. he's not going to make any announcements. the speech is called real american exceptionalism. don't expect any announcements from christie. because of the tough actions on reducing the budget in new jersey, martin. >> well, following all of the bickering in washington, what do they think about republicans and
11:48 am
democrats these days? >> they are not getting a thumb's up. brand new information, what do they say, take a look at this. public opinion of the parties. favorable and unfavorable opinions. neither the democrats or republicans are in positive territory. they are both below 50% when it comes to favorable and unfavorable ratings and they say that neither the policies of congressional is in the right direction. what about the tea party? take a look at this. it's not an official party. it's a movement. you can see, americans favorable and unfavorable even lower than the republicans and democrats. all of this back and forth in d.c. about the possibility of shutdowns and neither side getting along, it's weighing on americans and they are getting a thumb's down to both political parties. >> yeah, they are very upset. what was the name of that speech given by chris christie? >> "real american exceptionalism." >> sounds very presidential.
11:49 am
>> it does. >> it does indeed. we'll wait and see. thanks, paul, very much. for the latest political news, you know where to go. that's chelsea clinton takes on a new roll. she is joining the board of directors of the iac, a huge internet media company. they operate and college humor. it's also a 50% stake in the newsweek daily beast company. besides serving on corporate boards, clinton is working on her ph.d. at oxford university. she's very busy. today's "talk back" question, why does donald trump matter to the gop? monica says ever since that birther nonsense, no respect for this man. we'll read more of your responses just ahead. loaded potato with bacon. that's what we like to hear.
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you have been sounding off on our talk back question. carol costello has your responses. hello again. >> the talk back question, why does donald trump matter to the gop? would would any care about trump, he's nothing more than an attenti attention monger. i do my own homework, donald trul p has revealed himself to be a bit of a buff foon. the only thing that should matter is that the people of the united states concern yourself with the stances of the individual running not what the person with the biggest jet
11:53 am
decides what's important. remember when oprah endorsed obama? i'm positive that didn't hurt his campaign. he is a campaign donor, may be one reason he's attracted to the gop, and he is a celebrity. keep the conversation flowing, >> kacarol, you're probably a frequent flyer. this is how jeb corliss gets around, he's a dare devil and jumped from a chopper at 6,000 feet blasting across on a wing suit. amazed everyone when he coasted through a crack in the mountain. he performed stunts like this all over the world. when you think about this, this is perfect.
11:54 am
you get to fly whenever you want and don't have to bother with going through security, do you? >> there's no peanuts though. >> hadn't thought about that. it would be difficult to have a drink or cup of coffee on board that flight. >> exactly. as you watch him flying through the air, it doesn't look real. it's bizarre looking. >> every time i watch it -- i've seen him do this all around the world. it is so impressive to see how you can at the speed of a jet engine go soaring through the air and god bless him, i hope he continues to savely fly where no one has gone before. >> it makes me nervous looking at that. my hands are sweating. >> carol, we'll check back. thanks very much. online comment boards can get nasty. some news websites are cracking down on web bullies by forcing them to verify their identity on facebook. [ female ] we will always be dependent on foreign oil.
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more news websites are scrapping their comment boards. users have to use facebook to identify who they are. this news junkies aren't willing to give up their an anyonety. >> reporter: he became a frequent commenter after reading a story about a 15-year-old rock throwing mexican boy shot and
11:58 am
killed by a border patrol agent. >> i was astounded by the responses that i got from other people, the hateful, hateful responses. >> reporter: on many news sites, reader comments sometimes deteriorate into name calling and racial slurs even threats. union tribune home page editor tom mallory adopted a policy this month that seeks to clean up the comments while avoiding the expense of round the clock monitors. >> i've had interns moderating the comments and had to warn them, i'm going to expose you to the dark under belly of the human soul, are you prepared? it's a very rough place. >> reporter: union tribune readers who want to comment on a news article now must use facebook to identify their identities. >> the real name, real identity makes debate better and makes conversation better. it brings respect, brings a level up there that is just lacking when it's island pimp 201 versus this person. >> reporter: many regular commenters including mel don't like giving up their anoymity.
11:59 am
>> they can look night name up in the phone book and make me a target. >> reporter: facebook's verification identity tool will keep internet bullies at bay. >> i don't see a lot to indicate it's a real person. >> reporter: other websites like the los angeles times and new york times are using facebook to some degree. >> i can see it dampening the debate but can understand why they implement the policy. if there's hate speech, you're going to alienate readers. >> if you have to say stupid or tea bagger or communist, you won't -- >> reporter: mel may start his own blog to protect his
12:00 pm
anonymity. >> it is top of the hour, i'm martin savidge, we expect opening statements to begin any minute now in the trial of dr. conrad murray. the singer died from an overdose of anesthesia and other drugs in 2009. we want to go to ted rowlands who is out sds the courtroom with some developments, ted? >> reporter: martin, already a little drama here, security drama this morning. conrad murray was not brought in the main entrance. he was brought in in an underground entrance. when he arrived on the ninth floor where the proceedings are taking place, members of the public are allowed up there. they are -- they go through a metal detector, et cetera, but a woman apparently ran at the doctor as he was walking down the hall. sheriff deputies were able to get in between this woman and dr. murray and escort her out.
12:01 pm
we don't know what her motivation was but already a little drama in what could be a potential security nightmare holding this trial in downtown los angeles with so many emotion outside and inside this courtroom. >> how well aside from that have the crowds been behaving as far as the leadup to the first day? >> reporter: yeah, there's -- chanting some pro-murray people and a lot of folks against murray as well. they are here yelling back and forth at each other. we haven't seen anything bubble up to what would be a concern at this point. but a lot of emotion, for law n enforceme enforcement, that's the worst case scenario, where you interject emotion where people are going face to face. nothing significant out here but security extremely high. >> what about inside? what do we expect to hear from both sides as it begins? >> reporter: well, we expect the
12:02 pm
prosecution to come right out and basically layout their case, that dr. murray caused michael jackson's death because of the care or lack of he gave him. and specifically, they'll argue that he was giving michael jackson propofol, which is an anesthetic normally used in a hospital setting and that's what killed michael jackson. the defense will get up and try to spin it a different way, saying that michael jackson was a friend of dr. murray and when dr. murray came on board to be his personal physician, he had no idea he was addicted to this propofol and his goal was to stand by his side and help him wean off of this and eventually help his friend beat this addiction. that was his motivation for staying because the big question people would have, when you found out he was making -- asking for the propofol, you should have walked away. he'll try to counter that or his defense will counter that saying he was with jackson because he cared for him. it will be up to the jury to decide which way to go. opening obviously very important
12:03 pm
but this is going to be a 30-day plus trial. there's a lot of testimony to listen to. >> who is the first person scheduled to take the stand? >> reporter: kenny ortega, the producer of "this is it." the guy responsible for getting michael jackson ready to perform those concerts in london that were scheduled and the prosecution will use him to establish that jack on was in good health in the days before his death. they'll have kenny ortega say as he did in the preliminary hearing that he was in fantastic health and his underlying health concerns didn't cause his death. the defense maintains it wasn't just what happened that night, it was what happened to jackson over years of substance abuse that caused his death. they'll try to eat away at ortega using all of the information they have, possibly old e-mails, et cetera, because remember, there was concern with the group that put on this production that michael jackson wasn't ready. this is a very important witness really for both sides. >> all right, ted, we'll
12:04 pm
continue to follow the story with your help. thanks very much. the federal government won't be shutting down after friday. democrats and republicans have resolved their dispute over the funding for fema, the disaster relief agency. that allowed the senate to approve a temporary spending bill. no, not the jackson trial, rowdy protesters on the streets of lower manhattan for the 11th straight day, they want to call attention to wall street's role in the financial meltdown. michael moore showed up last night to cheer the crowd on. libyan fighters have seized the port of sirte today, but troops loyal to gadhafi still control most of the city. sirte is one of the towns not under libya's new political
12:05 pm
leadership. a typhoon with nearly 90-mile-per-hour winds hit today. it killed at least seven people. it's expected to dump an inch of rain an hour through wednesday, that means extensive flooding. government offices and the schools and the stock exchange have been shut down in manila. joran van der sloot admits how he killed a peruvian woman. >> it is true and you can say yes or no, did you kill stephanie? >> yes. >> you killed stephanie flores, right? >> yes. >> his former lawyer claims van der sloot killed flores after she discovered information about natalee holloway on his computer. workers are perched on the
12:06 pm
sides of the washington monument, they plan to inspect every block of marble this week. damage from last month's earthquake was more severe than first thought. that means the landmark is closed to tourist indefinitely. they have released security camera video from inside the monument. look at this. the quake really rattled that structure. despite the damage, the washington monument is structurally sound. they knew how to build them. here's your chance to talk back at one of big stories of the day. today's question, why does donald trump matter to the gop? carol costello has more from new york. >> hi, moartin, the donald is back. first there was texas governor rick perry and then there was mitt romney, trump says they hit it off better than he anticipated. don't forget the still to be determined candidate sarah palin, who broke bread -- pizza dough at least with mr. trump. the democratic national committee is loving courtship of
12:07 pm
donald trump. take a look at their new ad which portrays romney and trump as two out of touch money men. play special note to the private plane. >> mitt romney and donald trump are meeting today. they do have a lot in common. they both have done well for themselves. both support an economic plan that would help out the richest and big corporations but not the middle class, that would slash social security and medicare as we know it. cut funds for health care, research and development and schools. ouch, but maybe not for the reasons you think, after calling the ad amateur night, trump told wolf blitzer -- >> they talked about keeping america competitive, we're not competitive that's the problem. we're not competitive at all. the world is laughing at us, wolf. i was very insulted at the airplane they used because my plane is much nicer than that. this was a great insult. >> look, president obama has his
12:08 pm
favorite rich guy, warren buffett. republicans have donald trump. the talk back question, why does donald trump matter to the gop. i'll read your comments later this hour. >> the plight of billionaires, i sympathize. here's a rundown of other stories just ahead. first, the jury hears opening statements in the manslaughter case against michael jackson's personal physician. we're live and monitoring the latest developments. then, final argument continue in the appeal for the american student convicted of murder in italy. freedom could depend on her. we'll tell you why. plus it's probably one of the most popular ideas for fixing the economy. an m.i.t. professor suggests raising the minimum wage and this -- >> i definitely wanted to urn my freedom but i primary motivation, for me money was about freedom. the primary motivation was never
12:09 pm
making money but having an impact. >> the cnn exclusive interview with a man behind napster and facebook. [ female announcer ] in the grip of arthritis, back, or back joint pain?
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12:11 pm
aspercreme breaks the grip, with maximum-strength medicine and no embarrassing odor. break the grip of pain with aspercreme. a big surgeon wall street, stocks taking a 250 point jump as worries about the debt crisis have eased. an economics professor is boasting a new way to boost the economy, he says boost minimum wage. als alison, let's start with the market rally. >> we're in day two of a more than 250-point gain on the dow, it's following what the global markets did.
12:12 pm
asian and european markets rose 2 to 5%. we're seeing optimism that looks to ease europe's debt crisis. one factor is to wipe bad debt of european banks. but remember, there's still lingering doubts it's going to be enough because reality is if the plan falls through, these gains you're seeing could evaporate very quickly. we're seeing financial shares on the rise and gold prices and oil prices also rebounding. >> let's talk about the interesting argument that we should be raising minimum wage. how will that help millions who don't have jobs? >> think of it more of a back door idea. it's about giving people more money to spefrnd that will actually boost demand and encourage hiring. this coming from paul osterman, the author of a book called "good jobs in america." this is about job quality. it's not about job quantity. we always talk about the numbers of jobs being added but what he says really needs to help, we
12:13 pm
need to see good jobs added. he says the issue is 20% of working adults make less than $10.65 an hour. try riaising a family on that salary. a full-time employment at that wage is still below the poverty level. osterman says minimum wage needs to be raised. critics say it puts the burden on corporate america, which is already reluctant to take a chance on hiring new workers. others point to the solid corporate profits, a lot of corporations have a lot of money on the sidelines and need the confidence to give more money to their employees through higher wages. martin? >> confidence being the key word there, thank you, alison, very much. >> cookies selling for different prices based on your race. they're available at the bake sale at the university of california berkeley. college republicans want to make
12:14 pm
a point. they are against a new bill that would allow race and gender to be considered in admissions to california universities. it is clean-up day in cleveland, mississippi, a tornado tore through the town yesterday damaging the sears store and wall mart, the good news is nobody was hurt. and then terrifying moments for a tiny dog in portland, oregon. mango, a little pomeranian, slipped out of a gas station and right into rush hour traffic on the freeway. she was finally rescued with the help of a tv chopper crew. good news. well, defense lawyers say she is no femmefatale, the latest in the murder conviction coming up from italy. or blue cr or no collars. we are business in america. and every day we awake to the same challenges. but at prudential we're helping companies everywhere find new solutions to manage risk,
12:15 pm
capital and employee benefits, so american business can get on with business. ♪
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12:17 pm
defense attorneys say she is not the femme fatale they accuse of her. they say there was no physical trace of knox or her co-defendant where meredith kercher was found murdered. her father says that knox will have a chance to speak out before the jury makes its decision. >> she's actually been thinking about this and kind of giving us ideas of what she's going to talk about for probably the last, three to three and a half months knowing this is really her final opportunity to express her heart felt thoughts as it relates to how she's being judged and the fact that she had nothing to do with this horrific crime and that meredith was her friend. and it's probably going to take
12:18 pm
place just before the jury goes in for deliberations, which is probably going to be monday morning of next week. >> we want to get an update on what's happening right now in the amanda knox appeal. matthew chance following the proceedings. where do things stand at the moment? >> reporter: well, at the moment, martin, the lawyers for rafael, one of the defendants in the case, they are on the stand at the moment. they are telling the jury about the evidence that they think exists that amanda knox did not commit the crime. they've been focusing on the dna evidence, basically saying that the police investigation was flawed, that they contaminated the crime scene and so some of the dna evidence that they did pick up connecting amanda knox and rafaela to the crime scene should not be taken as sound evidence by the court. that's the opinion, not just the
12:19 pm
defense lawyers, remember, but the opinions of the independent experts appointed by the court to go over the frenices of this case and come up with an independent conclusion. they said this dna that connected them to the crime scene is not sound because of the methodology the police used. they've also been trying to change or canter the prosecution's idea that characterization of amanda knox as a loose woman who led this terrible lifestyle. she was characterized as a woman with a split personality, an gellic on one side and demonic on the other side. they are saying she's not like that at all. a nice caring woman in love. >> matthew chance outside the courtroom in italy. we want to switch from that part of the world to the west coast, to los angeles and take you inside the courtroom where
12:20 pm
opening statements are beginning. i believe it's the prosecution that is starting right now. >> misplaced trust had far to high a price to pay. that misplaced trust in the hands of conrad murray cost michael jackson his life. on june 25th, 2009, michael jackson was pronounced dead. may i ask the clerk to dim the lights? >> mrs. benson? >> thank you. he was just 50 years old. he died alone in his bed on the second floor of his mansion. in the house at the time were the defendant, conrad murray, and michael's three young
12:21 pm
children and some staff that help run the home. because there was no immediate obvious cause of death, the coroner's office soon took a very active role in the investigation, not only performing an autopsy but doing detailed toxicology analysis to determine what cause of death of mr. jackson at 50 years of age. what we learned through that investigation is that propofol, lied dough cane, diazepam, nor diazepam, lor as pam all testing positive in the heart blood and all administered by conrad murray on june 25th, 2009. further investigation by the coroner's office through statements, through interviews, through the autopsy, through the
12:22 pm
toxicology findings, leds to the conclusion that the levels of propofol found in mr. jackson's body were similar to those when someone is put under for a surgical procedure. they also found the levels of lor as pam were significant and they played a contributing role in the death of mr. jackson. because these ben zo diazepams work in conjunction to heighten the effects that each drug has. following these findings, the coroner's office concluded this was in fact a homicide. that michael jackson's death was a homicide. and more specifically, the coroner's office concluded that the cause of death was acute propofol intoxication, coupled with the contributory factor of
12:23 pm
the additional ben zoe diazepams in his system. the investigation continued. and the investigation centered on the dates preceding his death and the events of june 24th and june 25th, 2009. the question became, what occurred between june 24th, 2009 when michael jackson shown in this picture is performing at staples center singing "earth song", what happened between that time and approximately 12 hours later when michael jackson is dead on june 25th, 2009? what you'll learn through the evidence is that what happened during that time frame is that
12:24 pm
the acts and the omissions of michael jackson's personal doctor, conrad murray, directly led to his premature death at the age of 50. ladies and gentlemen, the judge indicated this part of the trial was referred to as the opening statement and it is in fact an opportunity to give you an outline of what we expect the evidence to show, to give you as the court said a road map. often times in trials witnesses are called out of order due to scheduling and things of that nature. they may not always come in and testify in a kind of chronological order. this is an opportunity for both parties to present to you and hopefully a logical fashion what we expect the evidence to show. and as i indicated what we expect the evidence to show is that conrad murray repeatedly acted with gross negligence,
12:25 pm
repeatedly denied care appropriate care to his patient, michael jackson. and that it was dr. murray's repeated incompetent and unskilled acts which led to mr. jackson's death on june 25th, 2009. now, to give you some background to what was going on in mr. jackson's life, what was going on in dr. murray's life, i want to take you through some of the evidence you'll hear in this case. at this time, mr. jackson was preparing for one of the -- probably one of biggest tours of his life entitled "this is it." it was going to start at the 02 arena in london, it was going to be mr. jackson's comeback tour. mr. jackson indicated one of the reasons this tour was so important to him is he wanted his children to have the opportunity to see him perform in front of a large crowd.
12:26 pm
they never really had that opportunity. he wanted to give them that chance to see him perform in such a manner. the concert and tour was scheduled to begin at the 02 arena and expected to last approximately 11 months. it would then continue in the months and years ahead but at that point it was for approximately 11 months to take place at the 02 arena in london, england. what started as a ten-day tour soon grew to 31 dates. when those tickets quickly sold out it grew again to 50 dates. those dates too all sold out. now in preparation for what was going to be a massive production and massive tour, obviously we hearsals had to take place. the rehearsals were taking place in los angeles beginning in may of 2009. they started in a small scale at
12:27 pm
center staging in burbank where basic production and rehearsals were taking place with various members of the production team. when the production and the growth and scale of the rehearsals outgrew that location, they moved to the forum in englewood. they remained at the forum for approximately just about the entire month of june. and then just days before michael jackson's death, they moved to a larger scale arena, the staples center so they could more accurately rep my indicate what the actual tour was going to be. at the time of michael's death, the rehearsals were taking place at the staples center. now during this time, michael jackson was living at 100 north kerrwood, just off sunset boulevard, you're viewing an
12:28 pm
ariel photo, it's a two-story mansion. large yard, pool, lots of privacy. mr. jackson lived there with his family, his three young children, prince, his young daughter paris, and his youngest son blanket. it was michael and his three children that lived there on a permanent basis. he had staff and had security and had a nanny and had a chef. but it was michael and his three children that lived at 100 northerly carolwood which came to be with michael would die. what do we know about conrad murray at this time? well, we know conrad murray was a medical doctor. he was not anesthesiologist, he
12:29 pm
was not board certified in any medical specialty. but conrad murray had met michael jackson previously in las vegas when michael was living there in 2006. they had remained in contact. dr. murray had treated the children while in vegas for various minor ailments such as runny nose and things of that nature. he treated michael for various minor ailments over the period of time. but they maintained contact from that point of time in 2006 through 2009. and what you'll learn in march of 2009, michael requested that conrad murray accompanied him on his o2 tour, the this is it tour. conrad murray readily agreed to participate and accompany michael on this tour. what you'll learn is that conrad
12:30 pm
murray initially requested payment of $5 million for one year of medical service. this was quickly rejected and an offer of $150,000 a month was put on the table. what you'll learn is that soon a contract had been drafted and murray was to be hired as an independent contractor. part of the terms of the contract provided that murray would provide general medical care, that he would provide medical emergency care, and that he would provide reasonably requested services. and this was all to be for the tour in london, the "this is it" tour. in exchange for what dr. murray was to provide for the terms of the contract, dr. murray was
12:31 pm
going to receive as i indicated, $150,000 a month, airfare two and from london and housing in london for the duration of the tour. again, the $5 million request of dr. murray was rejected and the agreed upon amount was $150,000 a month. what you also learn is that this contract was never signed by the parties. what you'll learn is that conrad murray both as an individual and as part of his medical practice, signed the contract and it's dated june 24th, 2009. no representative from a.e.g., the tour promoter had signed it. at the bottom, no representative -- specifically michael jackson had not signed it. so although it had not been
12:32 pm
signed, conrad murray had made it very clear that he welcomed the opportunity to enter this lucrative agreement. in fact, conrad murray made it so abundantly clear of his intention to enter into this lucrative agreement that he soon told his clients that -- his previous medical clients to find another doctor. he sent out letters in june of 2009 advising his clients because of a once in a lifetime opportunity, i had to make a most difficult decision to cease practice of medicine indefinitely. >> so he was saying good-bye to his clients with the intention of signing on for this $150,000 lucrative agreement that he at least through words had reached with michael jackson. i've told you a little bit about what michael jackson was doing at that time and a little bit about what conrad murray was
12:33 pm
doing at that time. you'll need to hear a little bit about propofol and you'll learn a great deal about it throughout the trial. what is propofol? propofol is a general anesthetic agent. it's defined as an intraveenous hypnotic agent for the use in anesthesia or sedation, it's what used to put you under when you have to be -- have forced mechanical ventilation, if you have to have surgical procedure, it is used in a hospital to put you under. it is not a sleep aid. it is not a sleep agent. it is a general anesthetic. it has great strengths. it is a wonderful drug if used by someone who knows what they are doing. someone who respects the dangers as well as the benefits of the drug. some of its favorable properties
12:34 pm
include the quick onset of sedation. it acts rapidly. also, at the end of it, rapid return to consciousness, so it acts quickly and it also brings you back out rather quickly. minimum post-op tif nausea or vomiting, you generally feel okay once you come back out of it. however, with every benefit comes a cost and there are unfavorable properties that must be respected by the doctor who is administering such a potentially dangerous drug. the unfavorable properties that leads to respiratory and cardiovascular depression. there's a narrow margin between sedation and full general anesthes anesthesia. that means there's a continue up between a light or conscious sedation or full sedation or anesthesia. you need to be an expert in the field and knowledgeable to track
12:35 pm
that continueum and have the safety precautions in place so that if the patient passes through that continuem to a deeper level of sedation, you have to be sure as the doctor in charge, as the doctor with legal duty of care that you can manage any consequences that come forward. also leads to the loss of ability to breathe and ability to maintain your air way. finally, because of these properties, things can go bad very quickly. very quickly. and if you are not knowledgeable and competent and prepared, it will lead to the death of your patient. the package insert that comes with it that every single person would see if they just opened up the package, in plain text, indicates, the continuous monitoring is essential. facilities for maintenance of a
12:36 pm
patent airway must be immediately available. this is in the package insert. patient should be continuously monitored for early signs of hype poe tension, apnea, air way obstruction and/or oxygen desaturation. a simple reading of the package insert would impress upon a competent medical doctor the precautions that need to be taken. and the inher ent dangers of using such an agent without the skills and knowledge and resuscitative equipment to handle it appropriately. in this case you'll hear about propofol, you'll hear the science of propofol. you'll hear about the concentrations of propofol. you'll hear there are two separate vial sizes, 100 millimeter vial, about that big, the large vial and 20 millimeter
12:37 pm
which is about that big. each -- >> you're liftening to the opening statement being made by the president, david walgren as he talks about the case. we want to bring in jeffrey toobin. jeffrey, this has been first talking about the new launch of michael jackson and his grand tour and talking about how the doctor fit into all of this and money became a big issue right up front? >> absolutely. the prosecution theory is pretty straight forward. he was fine when conrad murray started treating him, conrad murray only got involved in treating michael jackson out of enormous greed. and he was incompetent and he gave him this drug, propofol, which under no circumstances should be given outside of a hospital setting. and thus he killed michael
12:38 pm
jackson. that's the prosecution's theory and being laid out here with i think great clarity. >> and they are trying to make the case here that the doctor, even though he has a medical degree, he was not an expert when it came to propofol and how it should be properly administered? >> that's right. and you know, there are a lot of questions that the defense is going to -- can ask about this theory. who told him to use propofol? what was the background? what drugs had michael jackson been using previously? obviously this is a one sided presentation, it's the prosecution's opening statement. but certainly the prosecution theory here is being laid out in a clear and kprensible way. >> if you're the defense, what are the points you want to make when your chance comes along? >> for starters they are going to give background on michael jackson's history of drug use, including, perhaps, we don't know the facts, his use of this
12:39 pm
drug. what the prosecution is trying to do is narrow this case down to one single exchange of drugs between dr. murray and michael jackson in the hours before he died. that's all the prosecution wants this case to be about. the defense is going to want to bring in the whole story of michael jackson's health, his history of drug use, what might have killed him, how he dealt with -- how he had interacted with physicians in the past. that's going to be a big part of what the defense says later today. >> jeffrey toobin, stand by. we're going to continue the opening statements but right after this break. when an investment lacks discipline, it's never this obvious.
12:40 pm
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has trusted nationwide for more than 30 years. nationwide is on your side. let's take you back to los angeles for the trial of dr. conrad murray. you'll be listening to the opening statement as provided by prosecutor david walgren. >> listening but recording on his iphone. what this evidence will reveal to you is conrad murray's knowledge of michael's state on may 10th, 2009, what this evidence will reveal to you is conrad murray's knowledge of what he is doing to michael jackson on may 10th, 2009. over a month and a half before michael jackson dies, as a
12:43 pm
result of this very treatment. you will hear the whole recording during this trial but i'll play a clip now so you can have a taste of what conrad murray knew on may 10th, 2009. >> this is not transcribed. [ indiscernable ] i never seen nothing like this in my life. go, go. i've never seen nothing like this. go. it's amazing. he's the greatest entertainer in the world. i'm taking that money, a million
12:44 pm
children, children's hospital, the biggest in the world michael jackson's children's hospital. >> may i play that again? i don't think we had sufficient volume. >> deputy jones just -- >> i'm going to play that recording again, now that the volume has been turned up to an appropriate level. listen to the voice of michael jackson on may 10th, 2009. >> we have to be phenomenal. when people leave this show, when people leave my show, i want them to say, i've never seen nothing like this in my life. go. go. i've never seen nothing like
12:45 pm
this. go. it's amazing. he's the greatest entertainer in the world. i'm taking that money, a million children, children's hospital, the biggest in the world, michael jackson's children's hospital. >> that is what conrad murray is seeing and observing on may 10th, 2009. and what does he do with that knowledge? what does he do with that information? on may 12th, he orders another shipment of propofol and my daz lam, again, he orders 40 of the 100 mill liter bottles of propofol, just two days after that recording was made.
12:46 pm
accompanying those 40 100-mill liter bottle were 25 20 milliliter bottles for a total of an additional 45,000 milligrams of propofol. the next shipment occurs on june 10th, at which point, conrad murray orders again, 40 100 mililiter bottles and totalling in this shipment alone, 50,000 additional milligrams of propofol. that is then followed on june 15th by an order of my daz lamb and loraze pam, and we learn from these shipments from april 6th and the shipment of june 10th, conrad murray ordered 255
12:47 pm
separate viales of propofol, totalling 155,000 milligrams of propofol. equivalent to 15.5 liters or 4.09 gallons of this general anesthetic agent. just based on the orders alone, if you calculate from april 6th to the time of michael's death of june 25th, in those 80 days, based on the orders, what was being shipped was 1,937 milligrams of propofol a day. keep that number in mind when you hear the statements of conrad murray in regard to how much he administered on june 25th. now, i want to talk about what the evidence will show in regard to michael's final days. what you'll learn is that on june 19th, 2009, michael showed
12:48 pm
up for his rehearsal and he was not in good shape. he was not in good shape at all. he had chills, he was trembling, he was cold, he was rambling. and kenny ortega, the co-director -- co-choreographer of the production who you'll hear directly was concerned. he never seen mr. jackson in that state previously. he will tell you michael did not rehearse that day, that he sat. he will tell thaw michael was cold. he put a blanket around him. he provided him some chicken to eat. he massaged his feet to try to warm him. but that michael ended up going home early that evening and not rehearsing because of the state -- physical state he was in. you also hear about the next day, june 20th, 2009.
12:49 pm
and what you'll hear is there is a meeting called at michael's house at 100 north carolwood. athis meeting were conrad murray, the defendant, michael, kenny ortega, randy phillips, and a discussion was had at that meeting about michael's health and more specifically about what transpired the night before on june 19th. what you'll hear from kenny ortega is that conrad murray took a very hostile tone, he scalded kenny ortega for meddling in what evidently was conrad murray's area of expertise. he said things such as, i am the doctor, not you. you direct the show and leave michael's health to me. he said michael is physically and emotionally fine. don't let it be your concern.
12:50 pm
i am the doctor. following this meeting of june 20th, rehearsals did not take place that day, the 21st or the 22nd. but they did resume on june 23rd, 2009. and you'll see footage of michael performing on june 23rd, 2009. and by all accounts it was a successful rehearsal at the staples center. michael appeared strong. he was optimistic. and he was looking to the future. and he was looking to get the tour off the ground and head out to london. the following night, rehearsals resumed again. that's june 24th, 2009. and again, the rehearsal went well and michael was engaged and optimistic. in fact, you'll hear from kenny ortega that michael was excited because the next day they were going to be performing an illusion that was going to be
12:51 pm
part of the tour. michael always loved that type of magical illusion aspect of these shows. so kenny told him tomorrow we're going to do the illusion. michael was looking forward to coming back that next day to participate in that illusion. as you now know, he never returned to the staples center. following that rehearsal, the night of june 24th, 2009, michael was taken home and arrived home at about 1:00 in the morning, which would be the morning of june 25th, 2009. what you'll learn is it was customary that conrad murray would spend the night at the house every night. sometimes only six nights a week but nearly every night for at least two months, two and a half months. in his own words his purpose to be there was to put michael to sleep with propofol. so when michael and the security
12:52 pm
staff arrived at the house around 1:00 in the morning, conrad murray's bmw was already parked in the driveway. michael was brought into the house. security was debriefed and the customariry routine was followed. again, the house at 100 north carolwood, the front door that faces out in the frontcourt yard, a diagram which is difficult to see from this perspective but a diagram of the entryway would be where the front door is located. you come into this front foyer area, as to the relevant of where michael died, you would go to the left up these stairs and you would go into this foyer where i'm pointing here. into the bedroom where conrad murray would do his nightly infusions of propofol to michael jackson. you'll learn that this room on the far left was actually
12:53 pm
michael jackson's personal bedroom but that the propofol administrations occurred in this room here. from the foyer, it goes into the bedroom through a very large closet, the size of a typical bedroom. then into the restroom. this view here is looking through the front glass doors into that foyer area with the stairs i just described being here on the left leading up to this landing. and again, just to blow up of the diagram showing the relevant room where michael jackson received these propofol infusions, the foyer, the bedroom and the large closet and the bathroom. this is a picture depicting the bedroom where michael jackson died. he died in that bed pointing down here below the slide. this picture is the closet i showed you on the diagram and it's a vantage point of the closet looking into the bathroom
12:54 pm
that i had described. and then into the bathroom depicting what is shown there the clothes and in fact the jacket that michael was wearing at his last performance that night on june 24th, 2009. as i indicated earlier, the question becomes what transpired then from 1:00 in the morning to michael's death the next day. before i relay to you some of the words of conrad murray as to his story of what transpired, i want to share with you what the independent investigation by law enforcement revealed absent conrad murray's statements. what you'll learn through phone records is that conrad murray was very busy on the phone that night. there are screen shots from the iphone showing him receiving, reading very e-mails, there's text message, there's different screen shots showing various activities of conrad murray on his phone. there's a very relevant e-mail
12:55 pm
that conrad murray receives. it's sent at 5:54 a.m. conrad murray responds to it 11:17 a.m. on that day and that time will be relevant. it's not just relevant for the time but relevant for the substance. this e-mail that you're viewing on this screen is an e-mail from the insurance broker in london that is trying to collect medical records so they can have the tour properly insured. he's asked conrad murray is asked specific questions about press reports relating to michael's health. and that it's required in order to get the insurance. conrad murray responds by his own e-mail on june 25th at 11:17 a.m., what he says is that as far as his health, published by the press, they are all fell ashs to the best of my knowledge. this is on june 25th, 2009, days after the meeting, month and a half after the may 10th
12:56 pm
recording. and conrad murray represents to the insurance broker that all press reports about michael's health are fell ashs. we know through the phone records what was taking place that night. we have the early morning phone calls which will be described in witness testimony during the trial. but as we get closer to the time that conrad murray indicates he provided propofol. we have a 10:15 a.m. phone call, 10:20, 10:24, 11:07 phone call. we then go to an 11:18, 32 minute phone call to conrad murray's business in las vegas. followed by a brief message to one of his female friends, bridgette morgan at 11:26. a call with robert russell at 11:49. and then a call at 11:51 with another female friend sade
12:57 pm
anling who lived in texas. she'll tell you she was working as a cocktail waitress in houston and met conrad murray, they exchanged phone numbers. that conrad murray referred to her as his girlfriend. what you'll learn from the nature of the 11:51 phone call is that this is likely the time that conrad murray first noticed michael jackson's lifeless body. it won't reveal to you the time of michael jackson's death but it may reveal to you when conrad murray first noticed michael jackson had died. because what sade tells us, this 11:51 phone call took place, that she was speaking on the phone when she realized there was no response on other end. conrad murray was not communicating, not participating in the conversation. sounded as though the phone had been put down. she heard a commotion. she eventually hung up and tried
12:58 pm
to get back in touch with conrad murray but was not successful. she indicated that this occurred about five minutes into the 11:51 phone call, so about 11:56, 11:57 a.m. is when the phone goes do you dead and she's no longer able to communicate with conrad murray. at 12:12 we have a phone call to michael williams and return phone call at 12:15. who is michael williams? a personal assistant to michael jackson. he was at his own house downtown los angeles. he receives this call, i believe he's in the shower at 12:12 p.m. and you'll hear the recording, that conrad murray leaves michael amir williams at this time. >> call me right away, please. please call me right away, thank
12:59 pm
you. >> michael amir williams calls conrad murray back immediately and told to get here right away. mr. jackson had a bad reaction. he's not told to call 911. he's simply told to get there right away from downtown los angeles to 100 north carolwood in the homeby hills area. michael amir williams makes a number of phone calls and gets a hold of alberto alvarez, a security guard, part of michael jackson's personal security. they actually were housed in this trailer on the side of the house. alberto alvarez being on site is told to go in the house, there had been a problem and michael jackson had a bad reaction according to conrad murray. alvarez goes in the house and eventually goes upstairs. he goes up the stairs showing this picture, gets up to the landing and proceeds into the bedroom where he sees what appears to him to be michael jackson's lifeless body on the


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